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Ohio Begins Implementing Recommendations for Strengthening Community-Police Ties


Task Force Recommendations Include New Statewide Standards for Law Enforcement Departments in Key Areas

COLUMBUS - Today Governor John R. Kasich took action to begin implementing the recommendations of Ohio's Task Force on Community and Police Relations by creating a new, permanent standards-writing body that will issue policies for how Ohio's law enforcement agencies can make concrete improvements in key, controversial areas and begin strengthening the bonds between police and the communities they serve.

The new statewide standards — the first of their kind for Ohio — will be developed by the Ohio Collaborative Community-Police Advisory Board, a 12-member entity created today by the governor by executive order and to be composed of law enforcement and community members. The Collaborative's first job will be to immediately begin creating standards governing the use of deadly force and hiring and recruiting to ensure high-quality, diverse and professional law enforcement personnel. The Collaborative will also begin developing standards for other task force recommendations, will continue taking feedback from the public and will report annually on its work and the compliance of local law enforcement agencies.

The recommendations that the Collaborative will begin implementing were developed over the past several months as the task force traveled Ohio to get feedback from local communities and study the best practices in law enforcement. The 600-page Task Force report includes recommendations, testimony, supporting documentation, and best practice s that will serve as a blueprint for action. Kasich created the task force in December 2014 after a series of incidents in Ohio and the nation brought to light the challenging situations that exist in too many places between communities and police.

The executive order can be viewed here and the full report from the task force is available here.

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