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NEWS: Gov. Kasich Offers Preview of State Budget

The Plain Dealer

Thursday, January 29, 2015

John Kasich to propose eliminating income tax on most small businesses, boost exemptions for low-, middle-income Ohioans
By Robert Higgs

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The budget proposal Gov. John Kasich will unveil Monday will include reforms that would eliminate state income tax on nearly all small businesses in Ohio and increase exemption levels for lower- and middle- income Ohioans.
Kasich revealed his plan in an appearance Thursday before a conference of the Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies. He also used the event to highlight initiatives in his budget that will help to lift the poor out of poverty and make Ohio's welfare programs operate more effectively.

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The Columbus Dispatch

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gov. John Kasich previews budget including tax cuts
By Randy Ludlow

Ohio Gov. John Kasich offered a sneak peek today at his upcoming budget plan, proposing tax cuts for small businesses and low- and middle- income Ohioans and a multi-pronged bid to reverse welfare dependency.

He wants to help working-poor families that rely on state-subsidized child day care by allowing them to keep the benefit while earning more money and making strides toward financial independence.

Instead of cutting off all child-care benefits when a family hits 200 percent of the federal poverty level ($3,298 a month for a family of three), Kasich proposes to gradually phase out benefits until a family hits 300 percent of the poverty level ($4,948 a month for a family of three). The move will cost about $14 million over two years.

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