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Kasich Signs 10 Bills and an Executive Order

COLUMBUS - Today Gov. John R. Kasich signed an executive order and the following bills into law:

  • Am. Sub. SB 61 (Hughes) restricts to whom a certified copy of a death certificate containing the decedent's social security number may be issued.
  • Sub. SB 110 (Burke) changes the authority of advanced practice registered nurses with prescriptive authority to delegate drug administration, advanced practice registered nurse pharmacology instruction, billing for anatomic pathology services performed on dermatology specimens, and licensure of physician assistants.
  • SB 121 (Hite) requires pupils to be immunized against meningococcal disease at an age recommended by the Department of Health.
  • Am. Sub. HB 4 (Sprague, Rezabek) modifies the laws governing the authority to dispense or furnish naloxone for opioid overdoses, establishes standards for certain opioid treatment programs, and declares an emergency.
  • Sub. HB 6 (LaTourette, Kunze) increases the period of limitations for prosecution of rape or sexual battery, extends that period of limitations when a DNA record made in connection with the investigation of the offense matches another DNA record of an identifiable person, and declares an emergency.
  • Am. HB 28 (Anielski) creates a new law regarding suicide prevention programs at state institutions of higher education.
  • HB 62 (Buchy) designates the second week of September as "Krabbe Disease Awareness Week."
  • Am. Sub. HB 70 (Driehaus, Brenner) authorizes school districts and community schools to initiate a community learning center process to assist and guide school restructuring and revises the law regarding academic distress commissions and other supports for lower performing school districts.
  • HB 155 (Dever, Conditt) requires the Treasurer of State to create a program offering federally tax-advantaged savings accounts used to pay for a person's qualified disability expenses and to disregard the value of and income from that account in determining whether that person is eligible for state or local means-tested public assistance.
  • Sub. HB 238 (Sears, McColley) allows the Director of Budget and Management to transfer funds from the Adult and Juvenile Correctional Facilities Bond Retirement Fund to any fund created in the state treasury administered by the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction or the Department of Youth Services, creates the Community Programs Fund, and authorizes the conveyance of state-owned real property.
  • EO 2015-09K to declare an emergency exists requiring the Board of Pharmacy to immediately adopt rules 4729-5-39 of the Ohio Administrative Code, regarding protocols to allow a licensed pharmacist to dispense naloxone without a prescription. These rules are necessary following the signing of HB 4. View EO 2015-09K.