Press Releases


What They’re Saying: Higher Education MBR

Jack Hershey, President & CEO, Ohio Association of Community Colleges: “During his time as Governor, John Kasich has repeatedly asked community college and university presidents to work together on reforms that are in the best interest of Ohio’s students, parents, and working adults that are pursuing a college degree.  These reforms proposed today shine the light on a pathway that has emerged under Governor Kasich that allows students to obtain a degree from their favorite university, while saving up to 80 percent off the traditional cost of attendance by completing as much of their coursework as possible at a community college.  The ability for middle class families, single parents, and working adults to obtain a debt-free college degree is once again a reality in Ohio.”

Jo Alice Blondin, President, Clark State Community College: “Clark State Community College is pleased with the reforms that Governor John Kasich has proposed today to make sure that a college education is within reach for all students.  His focus on college affordability and workforce development reinforces his commitment to the students and families of Ohio.  By attending a community college, students and families can save nearly 80% off the traditional cost of attendance of a four-year degree.  Our Governor understands that this is indeed the path to the middle class and to a debt-free college education.” 

Steve Johnson, President, Sinclair Community College: “The legislation announced today is a significant step forward for higher education in Ohio. I'm pleased to see that this MBR recognizes the great value of Ohio's community colleges as pathways to affordable and high quality higher education. The 3+1 programs and the addition of job-focused bachelor's degrees for community colleges will help students get their education more affordably. I congratulate and thank Governor Kasich and Chancellor Carey on this positive step forward.”

Mike Bower, President, Owens Community College: “Owens Community College is fully supportive of initiatives that will keep higher education and workforce training affordable and I am encouraged by the reforms that were proposed by Governor Kasich. Reforms that will help Owens prepare a strong workforce, increase two- and four-year degrees, and maintain affordable access to education are important to the success of our students.”

Alex Johnson, President, Cuyahoga Community College: “The recommendations made today by Gov. John Kasich promise to make college more affordable and accessible in Ohio. We welcome these new pathways for Ohio residents who strive to improve themselves through higher education.”

Chad Brown, President, Zane State College: "The proposal announced today demonstrates Governor John Kasich's commitment to keeping college affordable and to overcome the growing workforce skills gap facing Ohio. The reforms outlined provide multiple opportunities to ensure that Ohio's citizens can pursue the higher education they need to enjoy successful lives and move the state forward. We are delighted to be a part of Ohio’s solution to provide affordable pathways to careers and college degrees."

David Hodge, President, Miami University: "Ohio's governor hopes to broaden educational opportunities for Ohioans in ways that are both innovative and cost-effective for students. Those are long-time goals for Miami, too, and we look forward to working with Gov. Kasich to continue to make a high quality education accessible for Ohioans."

Dr. Jerome Webster, President, Terra State Community College:
“I applaud the steadfast conviction of Gov. Kasich to make a college education attainable for all Ohioans. The College Credit Plus program has been a prime example of how middle class Ohio families can save thousands while their children pursue a dream of a career-oriented degree or a four-year bachelor’s degree.”

Dr. Monica Posey, Interim President, Cincinnati State: “The mission of Cincinnati State is to help keep the cost of a college education affordable, so that it’s accessible to everyone who wants one. Our goal has always been to provide our community with degrees and certificates that get them hired by our area’s businesses.  We think Governor Kasich’s plan to control college costs and ensure more students have access to an affordable, high-quality education is a good one.”