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BWC Administrator Announces Departure for the Private Sector

COLUMBUS—Today Governor John R. Kasich announced that Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation Administrator and CEO Steve Buehrer will be leaving state government on April 15 after more than five years of leading the agency.   

“I am grateful to Steve for accepting my challenge in 2011 to help Ohio reduce the cost of workers compensation and reform the bureau to help get Ohio’s economy moving and improve services for injured workers,” said Kasich.  “Ohio’s business climate is much stronger today, thanks in no small part to his leadership running the state’s workers compensation system and continually reducing rates while increasing support for workplace safety.”

"I am proud to have been able to move our workers compensation system from being a barrier to success to becoming a partner in economic growth, making life safer for employees and simpler and cheaper for employers," said Buehrer.  "Our conservative fiscal policies, attention to improving safety, and strong investment management have the bureau well positioned to serve employers and injured workers.”

Highlights of Buehrer’s tenure at the Bureau of Workers Compensation include $4.3 billion in rate cuts, rebates and credits since 2011. With tripling of safety grants and additional investments in safety research, Buehrer has increased BWC’s commitment to safety to $44 million over the last five years. Ohio’s workplace injury rate is below the national average, as well as the averages in all bordering states.

Gov. Kasich appointed Steve Buehrer as Administrator/CEO of the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation in January 2011. He led an agency of 1,953 employees that serves more than 250,000 employers. His extensive earlier experience in workers compensation includes previous service as BWC’s Chief of Human Resources.  A Fulton County native, Buehrer had previously served northwest Ohio constituencies as a member of the Ohio Senate from 2007 until 2011 and as a state representative from 1999 to 2006.

Sarah Morrison, the bureau’s chief legal officer, will serve as interim administrator and CEO.