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What They’re Saying: Governor’s State of the State Address

Michael V. Drake, President, Ohio State University: “Ohio State appreciates the governor’s recognition of our efforts and commends him for the leadership he has shown in college affordability. We share the goal with the Governor and legislative leaders of working together to support access, affordability and excellence.”

Jack Hershey, President & CEO, Ohio Association of Community Colleges: “Ohio has become one of the most innovative states in the nation under Governor John Kasich’s leadership.  His vision for creative solutions to the challenges faced by higher education has been achieved by working closely and collaboratively with college and university presidents, ensuring that college remains affordable and that students are connected to available jobs early in their academic career. The proposals outlined in tonight’s the State of the State speech ask community colleges to play an even greater role in helping businesses find highly skilled workers. That’s a call we’re eager to answer.”

Philip E. Cole, Executive Director, Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies: “Improving the lives of all Ohioans has been a priority for Governor Kasich; his State of the State speech highlighted the importance of that goal. Strong efforts on Community-Police Relations, the work to combat drug addiction, controlling costs of college—these are among the issues that have a dramatic effect on low-income Ohioans and the General Assembly should rush to follow his lead. With the Administration’s continued collaboration we can together break down barriers, improve our local communities, and continue to position Ohio as one of the strongest states in the nation.”

Steve Johnson, President, Sinclair Community College: “In his State of the State speech, Governor John Kasich again showed his strong commitment to transforming Ohio’s workforce for the economy of the future. Under his administration, Ohio has gone a long way to make education more affordable and more navigable for Ohioans. I’m pleased that the Governor is providing Ohio’s community colleges with new ways to make a difference in this MBR, including 3+1 programs, competency based education, and improvements to College Credit Plus. Significantly, I’m also pleased that Governor Kasich has decided to offer Ohio’s community colleges the opportunity to offer job focused and affordable bachelor’s degrees. I look forward to working further with the Governor and leaders throughout our state to make a quality education a reality for all Ohioans.” 

Jason Kershner, Vice President of Government Affairs, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber: “The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber was pleased to hear, in the Governor's State of the State address, that he and his administration will persist in advancing policy proposals which strengthen Ohio’s economy. We look forward to continued work with Governor Kasich to grow the vibrancy and prosperity of our region.”

Jo Blondin, President, Clark State Community College: “Gov. Kasich’s State of the State speech identified community colleges as problem-solvers for the challenges faced in higher education. He touted our affordability, workforce training and economic development capabilities, and career readiness pathways. His proposals, such as 3+1 bachelor’s degree programs with universities and jobs-focused baccalaureate degrees at community colleges, clearly articulate his concerns for the students and families of Ohio, and community colleges stand ready to execute his vision.”