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What They’re Saying: Opiate MBR

Ohio State Medical Association: “Today’s announcement is in line with what we now know about combatting prescription drug abuse and addiction in Ohio, that a multi-pronged strategic approach that includes physician training and expanded treatment options for patients can be effective. The OSMA remains committed to providing physicians with additional tools and resources to aid in their prescribing habits and will continue working with Ohio’s elected leaders to assure additional rules and laws are passed that encourage responsible treatment options.”

Ernie Boyd, Executive Director, Ohio Pharmacists Association: “The proposals contained in today’s announcement are common sense reforms that should take another significant step forward in addressing Ohio’s prescription drug abuse epidemic. The Ohio Pharmacists Association applauds the work of Governor John Kasich, Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor, the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy, and the Ohio legislature for leading the charge against opiate addiction and drug overdoses.”

Cheri L. Walter, CEO, Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities: “We applaud the administration’s continued emphasis on fighting Ohio’s opiate epidemic. By working to expand access to naloxone, ensuring the availability of quality treatment, and working to prevent the misuse and abuse of prescription medicines, Ohio continues to make progress to address issues related to opiate abuse. These efforts, in collaboration with the myriad of prevention, treatment, and recovery activities taking place in communities throughout Ohio, will help us all work together to address substance abuse and addiction in our state.”

Ohio Alliance of Recovery Providers: “The Ohio Alliance of Recovery Providers is pleased to continue to partner with Governor Kasich and Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services in the on-going fight to address the opiate epidemic in Ohio.  Working together with the administration over the last several years, we have been intently focused on effective strategies to increase access to evidence-based treatment and to ensure the availability of the full continuum of treatment services across Ohio.  By shutting down pill mills and strengthening accountability in prescribing practices, Ohio has started to gain ground on this devastating epidemic.” 

Phil Nunes, Chief Programs Officer, Alvis: “The positive benefits of expanding access to Naloxone will provide a safety net to save lives. Governor John Kasich, the State of Ohio Pharmacy Board and Ohio legislature are to be applauded for their leadership in expanding the availability of this lifesaving medication.”

Ohio Community Corrections Association: “Today, thanks to the Kasich administration and the Ohio Pharmacy Board – we are moving in the correct direction in assisting community corrections, and others, in the state of Ohio to prevent deaths by opiate overdoses by having naloxone at different sites that were unable to afford to equip all staff. This is the next logical step in treating those who present with the highest need in our facilities.”

James D. Watkins, President, Williams County Combined Health District: “The Association of Ohio Health Commissioners fully supports Governor Kasich’s efforts to reduce the tragic loss of Ohioans from opiate abuse. We applaud the administration’s balanced efforts to reduce the availability of opiates, save lives through provision of Naloxone, reduce barriers to treatment via regulation reform and expand treatment opportunities to combat this tragic epidemic.”

Lori Criss, Associate Director, The Ohio Council of Behavioral Health & Family Services Providers: “Ending prescription drug and heroin addiction in Ohio will only occur when together we prevent people from becoming newly addicted, and we provide families and people already struggling with addiction with the lifesaving treatment and recovery supports they need.  The policies outlined as part of the Kasich administration’s mid-biennium review hold promise for preventing unnecessary and non-therapeutic exposure to prescription opiates, expanding treatment opportunities in communities throughout Ohio, preventing unnecessary overdose deaths, and supporting people in their long-term recovery from this deadly disease.”

Lois Hall, Executive Director, Ohio Public Health Association: “The current crisis of drug overdoses is a major public health issue in Ohio and this opiate package includes important new measures to strengthen existing efforts to prevent those overdoses, particularly by expanding the availability of naloxone, and reducing access to prescribed opiates. Public health is already invested in this issue – and stands ready to expand our efforts across Ohio with the changes proposed in this MBR.”