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NEWS: "State builds career-planning tool for students," Dayton Daily News

Dayton Daily News
Sunday, January 4, 2015

State builds career-planning tool for students

By Jeremy P. Kelley

State officials have added a robust student section to their Ohio Means Jobs website, hoping it will push K-12 students to think more and earlier about career exploration in the face of the always-changing job market.

The website hosts a career interest survey plus dozens of short videos explaining what it means to be a chemist or purchasing agent or social worker. It also ranks careers by expected salary and future demand in Ohio, and shows students some of the education and skills they need for each.

“The intent really is that school counselors, classroom teachers, everybody who might (affect) a student, can help them understand a basic connection between their classroom learning and future careers,” said Carolyn George, career connections administrator for the Ohio Department of Education.

Gov. John Kasich and other state officials have been pushing those career connections, eyeing students who may be good at math and science but who have no clue how solving equations translates into becoming a civil engineer or pathologist. Other students may not want four years of college, but need to know the path to a skilled trade.

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