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The #Love Epidemic


The #LoveEpidemic Conference is geared towards community and faith leaders in the Greater Miami Valley to come together and get an inside look to what addiction truly is, what the epidemic looks like specifically in our area and what collective impact can do to end this epidemic. Our lineup of incredible speakers will leave everyone equipped and empowered to take immediate action steps through the various opportunities shared.

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Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge

Join Ohio in advancing innovation to combat the opioid crisis

Many individuals know a family member, friend, colleague or acquaintance who has been affected by the opioid epidemic. Ohio needs your help in identifying ideas and solutions, whether you’re a medical or healthcare expert or simply a concerned citizen scientist.

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In 2014, Governor John R. Kasich and Ohio legislature designed the Community Connectors program to bring together students, their parents, schools, communities, faith-based groups and businesses in mentoring programs. The Community Connectors program seeks to strengthen communities, encourage mentoring opportunities and create new pathways for civic engagement that will result in higher educational achievement, higher levels of well-being and health and workforce readiness for our state. 


The Ohio Governor’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives in partnership with the Sagamore completed a multifaceted research study on the social service activities and financing of the state’s nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and houses of worship (HOWs). Titled the Comprehensive Mapping Project of Ohio's Faith-Based and Community Non-Profits, the initiative was based on the GOFBCI’s conviction that Ohio’s faith-based and nonprofit communities are enormous sources of social and fiscal benefit to the citizens of Ohio, yet they often remain underappreciated in terms of the practical value they generate— primarily due to the lack of research to quantify that impact. Since the GOFBCI is committed to promoting faith-based and nonprofit community policy and practice solutions—and specifically to supporting the development of local community collaborative efforts to solve problems—it commissioned this research to glean insight on how to amplify the nonprofit assets of the State and optimally identify and position the effective partnering role of good government.


Another portion of the project is called Bright Ideas Ohio. Bright Ideas Ohio highlights promising practices by Ohio nonprofits to encourage peer-to-peer learning and innovation. Sagamore’s researchers interviewed veteran nonprofit consultants and trainers to get their input and also surveyed senior program officers at over 20 private grant-making foundations in Ohio to hear about their high performing grantees. Researchers also reviewed Ohio nonprofits that had earned various awards and recognition by media, government, academic, and research organizations. Sagamore staff then interviewed selected nonprofit leaders by telephone to gain detailed information about their effective programs and promising organizational practices.


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Governor's Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Meeting Dates:

January 18, 2018: 31st Floor, West B&C Conference Room

The April meeting has been cancelled.

July 19, 2018: 31st Floor, West B&C Conference Room

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Meetings are held from 11:00am to 1:00pm at the Riffe Center, 77 S. High Street, Columbus, OH 43215 and are open to the public.